Thursday, August 27, 2015

Atlas Me Thoughts

An original painting by Darshana Patil
response verse below 

I feel one with Atlas,
He of earthly burdens,
Me of my mercurial thoughts
Colorful, hopeful, resentful
Anxious, lonely, a tinge of despair,
Busy, ebullient, a spot of restlessness,
A dip, submerge into this pond,
Emerge with a many pronged brush,
Paint my canvas in hues of VIBGYOR
Distraction & entertainment
Drive away the fears & pangs
Capture the negative energy, 
A constant reminder that,
Out of muck too, 
A lotus emergeth!

Friday, August 14, 2015


An original painting by Darshana Patil above 
some response verses below

Uski lambi poochon ko pakad,
Socha disha de raha hoon,
Baariki se kheenchta hoon.
Suraj, taare, chaand, saare
Pakad mein lagte hain bas!
Yahaan se aasmaan ke sabhi
Manzilein lagein durust.
Meri patangi udaan ko dekh,
Baitha parinda sapne ke kaandhe pe
Lagaa kheench hoga aur bhaari,
Naye sawaari ke bojh taley!
Khair hum tehlte hain, kuch daer,
Neelein aasmaanon ke parey.
Mere sapne, uski poonch aur ek dost.
Ek bahaana, upar ke nazaare dekhne ka,
Harroz ki taana-shaahi mein bhool,
Patak deta hoon bina soche jise.
Woh shor, sharaaba, dum ka ghutna
Is jahaan ki kam nahin hongi kabhi.
Lekin jab sapne pankh lekar udein,
saath sair karoon main bhi nayi jagahein.

I hang on to its long tail,
Pretend to lead its destiny,
Carefully as if by a guardrail.
The stars, the sun, the moon,
Seem all within reach.
From here everything in the sky,
Seem poised for a finish.
An endorsement to my kite-dreams,
A bird sets perch on the flutter,
The tug gets heavier,
A burden, as if it were.
I manage, we ride a while,
In the wide open blues.
My dreams, its tail and a friend in tow!
An excuse, to gaze up, for the sight.
In my daily grind Otherwise which,
Would tend to set by the side,
The din, the roar, the ennui,
Of the ground shall never ebb.
Yet when I let my dreams soar,
I can go afar to explore.