Tuesday, October 27, 2015


inspired by an original drawing by Akshara Kulkarni

A stony cement structure,
A sullen corridor corner,
Here I thought I was, 
The only confused teenager!

No footfalls pounding on the floors
No shadows racing towards class doors
A flickering light in a dim corner
Threatening to quit 
The illumination business

I sat huddled for inspiration
Seeking a perspective for its namesake
Angles and curves jostled and jutted!
Made all practical sense, 
But my creativity failed!

Those silences add a gravitas,
They make you delve deep within,
In that moment of idealogical fission
A mushroom cloud of clarity blooms!

Elevator banks, notice boards,
Steps and half-opened doors,
They all have their place, 
Even the winking light,
Including me in my sullen plight!

Pen rushes to paper, to ink away
Capture, capture, capture the moment,
Its mine, mine, mine to make,
As with every one from now forever!