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The Poetry of Kabhi Kabhi - A Translation

Translation of Kabhi Kabhi's poetry...originally posted on

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai
Ke zindagi teri zulfon ki naram chhaon mein
Guzarne paati to shadaab ho bhi sakti thi
Yeh teergi jo meri zeest ka muqaddar hai
Teri nazar ki shu'aon mein kho bhi sakti thi

Ajab na tha ke main begana-e-alam ho kar
Tere jamal ki re'naiyon mein kho rahta
Tera gudaaz badan teri neem-baaz aankhen
Inhi haseen fasano mein maho rahta

Pukarti mujhe jab talkhiyan zamane ki
Tere labon se halawat ke ghoont pee leta
Hayat cheekti phirti barhena sar aur main
Ghaneri zulfon ke saaye mein chhup ke jee leta

Magar yeh ho na saka aur ab yeh aalam hai
Ke too nahin tera gham teri justuju bhi nahin
Guzar rahi kuch is tarah zindagi jaise
Ise kisike sahare ki arzoo bhi nahin

Zamane bhar ke dhukhon ko laga chuka hoon gale
Guzar raha hoon kuch anjaani rahguzaron se
Muhib saaye meri simt bharte aata hai
Hayat-o-maut ke pur haul khar zaron se

Na koi jadah na manzil na roshni ka suraag
Bhatak rahi hai khyalon mein zindagi meri
Inhi khyalon mein rah jaoonga kabhi kho kar
Main janta hoon meri humnafas magar yunhi
Kabhi kabhie mere dil mein khayal aata

Ok, here's an attempt at picking the gauntlet :

Please note however, I am NO expert at Urdu. I have relied heavily on the translations provided......hence errors and omissions are to be expected......

Once in every while, a thought ambles over,
Had life under your shadowed tresses,
Been allowed to pass, would it not have been delightful,
The darkness that envelops my very being as prophesied,
Could perhaps have melted in the heat of your blazing gaze.

It would'nt have been strange, that a grief-struck me,
Would have been immersed in the glow of your beauty,
Your playful eyes, your proportioned body,
Absorbed and fascinated by details, would I have been.

And whenever life's bitter truths came a calling,
I would drink from your lips the very drops of relish,
And as ugly realities of life uncovered its head,
Lead a quiet existence under the gentle shadow of your tresses.

Alas none of that happened, such is my woe,
I have'nt you, your grief, nor the search for you,
Hours, minutes and seconds go by as though,
They have not even the thought of need for company.

It seems I have embraced the sorrows of a generation,
I traverse through unknown pathways,
Dreadful shadows seem to emerge from every direction,
Bringing the message of death, thorn laden.

There seems no hope of destination or light,
My life seems to wander in arbitrary thoughts,
It appears I might one day be lost in this maze,
I realise my companion these thoughts are futile,
Once in every while, a thought ambles over.

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