Thursday, September 4, 2014

Anisuthide Yaakoe Indu....MUNGAARU MALEY

This is an orginal Kannada song, written by Jayant Kaikini and sung by Sonu Nigam(national award for which) from the movie MUNGARU MALEY. While I singularly hated the movie, some of the songs were wonderful......

Unbeknownst me this feeling,

You epitomise my very longing,

From a land magical, your descent,

For me alone, I comprehend,

This bitter-sweet pang,

Snuff me of life lass, this once on a whim.

Ushering in your fragrance, a torrential downpour,

You in another's dream, a thought restless sour.

The full moon withdraws tonight,

Chancing your winsome sight,

Imprisoned in the thought of your being,

Enclasp me in a hug lass, this once on a whim.

Within your lip blossoms, honey words unsaid,

Each page of the mind, carries your signature,

When fate unwrote your name in my destiny,

I etched it in my heart for eternity,

You're but blissfully unaware,

Summon me by name lass, this once on a whim.

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